How to Turn Technology Disruptions into Business Opportunities

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The growth of our businesses in the future depends on our ability to leverage disruptive technologies and apply them to address the changing market needs. The disruptive technologies have the power to completely rewrite the way we [...]

Growth through Innovation

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Growth through innovation is much discussed these days as most other paths for growth have been exhausted. The innovations that get easy acceptance are those that create significant value for the Customer. This value should be the basis [...]

The six key pillars of software that enables Innovation-led growth

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Ever wondered if a Software could help business chart the next growth curve?.The marketplace is changing and the competition is catching up. Organisations need a new concept to break out to create the next growth curve and [...]

Balancing creative freedom and execution discipline – Interview as published in Huffington Post

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Interview as published in Huffington Post. I had an opportunity to have a deep dive discussion on the topic of innovation with Sridhar DP who is the founder and CEO of ienabler. Specifically, we focused on striking [...]

Who is an Innovation Enabler ?

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It was in 2006-2007 at IISc Bangalore Campus, Dr. Shankarand I were discussing a concept that I had in mind ( partly, on a Paper Napkin ) and our discussion went on for hours. Thereafter, We met at [...]

Old School not the Best School

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Video Source: TED, Sir Ken Robinson “Logic will get you from A to Z: Imagination will get you everywhere” – Albert Einstein Our education system has immensely been justifying only the first half. A significant majority of [...]