CREATE Brainstorming Technique

CREATE is a technique which is inspired by Bob Eberle’s brainstorming technique SCAMPER.

Here it goes.

CREATE is a mnemonic that stands for:

C – Combine

Combine a product with something else to create a new offering.

A few examples:
iPhone was introduced a combination of a phone, iPod and Internet Browser. Of course, a camera was added to the mix soon and then through a host of apps it kept getting richer by the year.

Smart luggages combine the standard luggage with charging outlets for electronic devices
Swiss Army Knife combines half-a-dozen tools into one single package.

R – Rearrange

Contemplate whether you can do some kind of rearranging whether changing the sequence, pattern or layout; interchanging components; changing schedule; changing pace; or interchanging cause and effect. Contemplate changing the order of processes or other hierarchy involved.

A few examples:
Group the most used icons in the home page.
Instead of a consumer placing the order, what if the device itself places an order after finding out that there are only last few coke cans remaining in the referigerator.

E- Enhance

Pose a question to yourself about which ideas you can produce if you can use a Trigger Enhance. Enhance can also be used with other keywords like magnify. Enhancing parts of or the whole of your idea may enhance its perceived worth or furnish fresh insight pertaining to which components are most significant.

To enhance the speed of transferring funds, Banks introduced apps.

A – Adapt

Adapting a part of the product or a process to bring a new offering

Lighter Capital ( ) that lends money to startups adapted the model from 20th century lending practices for oil wells.
Airbnb ( adapted the model for renting hotel rooms to renting rooms in a home or renting an entire home/apartment.
Online training offerings were simply an adaptation of parts of a classroom training, but at scale.

T- Turnaround

Instead of Customers going to Shopping mall, How about Shopping mall going to customers ?

Instead of the coach running with the Athlete, how about Athlete running and Coach being static and measuring the Athlete’s performance ?

E – Eliminate

Eliminate a part or part of a process to create a new offering

A few examples:
iPod Shuffle is a lighter version of iPod. The browse and play feature was eliminated
MacBook Air eliminated a lot of parts and created a lighter version of MacBook

Try the CREATE brainstorming tool on one of your projects and you will have no trouble getting new ideas to enhance the value delivered from the project.

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