Video Source: TED, Sir Ken Robinson

“Logic will get you from A to Z: Imagination will get you everywhere” – Albert Einstein

Our education system has immensely been justifying only the first half. A significant majority of today’s working population are dissatisfied with their jobs. Innumerable students have chosen a field to expertise by force and not by choice.

Unfortunately education system worldwide conveniently convinces people to take a path that has proved its worth repeatedly, rather than enhancing young minds to explore creativity and find innovative ways that manifest their uniqueness. Most individuals who were considered eccentric, misfits and different in childhood are one among the elite who grew up to surprise the same people who were highly efficient in labeling.

“Don’t judge a horse through its ability to climb a tree”

Organizations are no different because it employs the produce of the same education system that was created for yesterday . Businesses suffer from fixed mindsets & best Practices.  To create the “Next Practice”, there must be a change in the mindset.

Fortunately, millennials are moving away from this perception. The fundamental principles that have governed the age old education system are changing. Equal importance is given to all areas that foster creativity. Youth today are beginning to have healthy opportunities to follow their interests, be it art or science.

It is time for Organizations to be a part of this revolution and create space that enables interests and not force. can help you to be part of this revolution.