Ever wondered if a Software could help business chart the next growth curve?.The marketplace is changing and the competition is catching up. Organisations need a new concept to break out to create the next growth curve and they depend on functions like Strategy, NPD ( New product development ), R&D Teams internally. Some of these organizations also use external consulting firms, crowdsource, outsource, merge, acquire and do many things more.

In order to bring in rigor and predictability, organisations need sound processes, but the paradox in Innovation-led growth, unlike other variants, is the need to have the right balance between creative freedom and execution discipline. Most organisations are designed for execution discipline while some are designed to be creative. But, today’s organisations need both in the right mix to win in the long run.

We need to manage Innovation-led growth like any other process and to institutionalize this, a structured approach which would balance creative freedom and execution discipline would be more effective.

Well, can a Software help with this?

If yes, what should be the pillars of such an Innovation-led growth Software?

Business would need 6 Es to Innovate.

Organisation needs to draw the creativity and drive to make things happen.Often the best source for innovation is the team within the business. A great leader turns them into entrepreneurs who are hungrily looking for new opportunities. The key is empowerment. An Innovation-led growth software should empower teams to achieve their goals through their own ideas and efforts.

The leader sets the destination, but the team chooses the route to get there.

Enable employees to adopt an “entrepreneurial mindset” to showcase their ideas and ideals. Allowing them to propel innovation and show initiative is the key to a successful workplace revival and an opportunity to re-energize individual and organic organisational growth.
Innovation and workplace transformation represent two-sides of the same coin.
An Innovation-led growth software should help business in tossing the coin instead of taking sides.

Effectiveness isn’t just a property of the idea but, more importantly, a property of the execution, and that’s where an Innovation-led growth software comes in. It should help business with it right from the word go & ensure effectiveness on all sides by having an innate ability to look at your problem from multiple viewpoints thereby ensuring a holistic overview.

The most important part of any business idea is to maintain traction, and that requires engagement: the kind which can grab the right audience. An Innovation-led growth software should help business create a meaningful engagement with and within the audience, be it internal or external. Software should help organizations get perspectives from people who matter and thereby helping it to improve its offerings.

Evaluating Innovation-led growth initiatives is something that very few organizations have understood. Most of them use the traditional criterion which works against the constructive collaboration that is required. Software should have a new set of evaluation tools that supports such a collaboration and help business in making the decision.

Efficiency is the result of all the other Es coherently and cohesively coming together to function in a synchronous manner. Software should have proven techniques that shall improve the efficiency of generating new business concepts at a faster rate and continuously.

There are few companies, which have few of the above 6 Es.Not any single company possess all 6 Es at the right proportion for the right yield. Experts who are proficient in the field of innovation vouch that iEnabler Software has these 6 pillars at right proportion for companies embarking their Growth journey. For your reference (www.ienabler.co)