Product Discovery Series: Story #2

This is one classic case of having a gold bar in your hand and not knowing what to do with it. The story of Corning’s Gorilla Glass is when a scientist did some pretty strange experiments with a sheet of photosensitive glass and obtained the hardened, opaque yet incredibly tough material. But as genius as the product seemed, there were no takers except some industrial segments that used them here and there yet to unlock of its powers. Years later, Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. was amazed by it but challenged the makers of Gorilla Glass to make it to the exact right specifications as required by him in which they did succeed! There has been no stopping the use of Gorilla Glass material in various industry segments, Smartphone manufacturers being at the forefront. So, while you are reading this on an electronic device, that layer of glass right between you and this story is what this product discovery story is all about!

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