Product Discovery Series: Story #6

The world’s largest and leading cloud computing platform wasn’t there and then it was being used by everyone all over the world. The Amazon Web Services was an initiative internally driven by Amazon to fundamentally help improve the efficiency of the company’s own IT infrastructure. Sources say the initial attempt dates back to 2002 offering XML and SOAP interfaces for Amazon product catalogue, a tool built in a developer-friendly way. Soon after in a private C-suite meeting with Bezos they realised while assessing the core competency of Amazon that this particular IT infrastructure was robust and showed a lot of potential and gave an ingenious advantage to the company. Then the parts of the combined infrastructure were methodically broken down and connected to the OS individually standardising it while making it easier for developers to work. Having realised the potential it has, the services were standardized and made available for the world to use. This wonder of a product was soon enough grabbed and began partnerships formally with tonnes of other cloud-ready services barely in a decade. A wonderful case of product discovery indeed!

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